Depuis que le soleil a brûlé


” SINCE THE SUN HAS BURNED is born from my background as a choreographer & multidisciplinary artist. It is an inde feature film currently in shooting.

Philosophical tale developing an ambitious body, visual & sound poetry, its themes are the quest of the artist, the inner journey, and the rebirth to the self.

Its creative process requires great artistic freedom & organic rythm of work implying alternative & solidarity financial resources.

Since 2017, a dedicated team of professionals is supporting me in this long production time of the film. Thanks to them, and to the the investment of personal ressources, several sequences have been already shot.

I invite you to discover our work & to support us by helping us to finance the rest of the shooting & to finish the film.”


Michaël d’Auzon, author and director



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independent movie


Hervé Guinouard & Lilly Evers, the errance sequence, scene of the dream


A tightrope walker fallen from his thread crosses the desert looking for a new equilibrium. A wandering that leads him into a community of artists living in a remote world, where in a suspended time everyone faces the limits of his art.

Poems burned as soon as written, a camera used without roll of film, a canvas eternally repainted … Is it their quest for truth that pushes the residents of the castle to leave no trace of their work? Is it the absence of public, the expectation of a rebirth, or even an irrepressible taste of the moment?

Among them, the tightrope walker will be confronted with the absurd, then with the encounter of his true inner necessity, the precondition which makes possible his return to the world.




Hervé Guinouard & Lilly Evers, the errance sequence, scene of the encounter



In this part, taking place in the first half of the film, the Funambulist meets the Traveler who reveals the existence of the castle.

This part required 12 days of shooting which took place in September 2017 in the Bardenas Reales desert, Navarra, Spain. A shooting with a small team, made possible by the extraordinary help of volunteers met on the location.



Depuis que le soleil a brûlé

Renan Prévot, the cave sequence, scene of the Angel



This sequence is taking place towards the beginning of the story, before the desert part. In a dark place representing the inner world of the artist, an Angel appears in a dream to the Funambulist after his fall, and orders him to go for the seeking of a new balance.

This sequence required 3 days of shooting , which took place in 2018 in the beautiful decor of the Earth Helix, a monumental troglodyte sculpture located in Anjou, created in 1995 by the artist Jacques Warminski.


Michaël D Auzon

film indépendant

Spotting pictures at the Grillemont Castle, Touraine, France



This is the most important part of the film, the heart of the story, that requires the most technical and human resources. It is scheduled for 24 days of shooting during the winter 2019/2020, and will involve a team of 15 people, 7 actors, and up to 30 extras.

In this part will be developed the singular artistic universes of each character of the castle, their interactions, and the meeting of the Funambulist and the Poet who will lead to the resolution of the story.


independent movie

Photographic works by Antoni Taulé, sources of inspiration for the creation of interior decorations and lighting of the castle


This shooting will be hosted by the Grillemont Castle, a family home located in a vast wooded area in Touraine, France, a unique place that represents for our project the opportunity to benefit at the same place from the interior and exterior decors imagined to the scenario, and to consider a real immersive shoot.




Spotting images at Espace Périphérque, a space created by La Villette and the city of Paris, and Porte de Vincennes at the edge of the Paris ring road



After the long shooting of the castle, they are the last sequences that will remain to be shot. Opening and closing of the film, they must be made at the end of shooting for artistic reasons.

The sequence of the circus, where a sparrow will land on the Funambulist’s balancer and cause its fall, and the sequence of the apartment, which will portrait the Funambulist back to an urban life.

They will require 16 days of shooting, which are planned in the Paris region in the spring of 2020




Renan Prévot & Hervé Guinouard, the cave sequence, fight with the Angel scene


The universe of this film is between the contemporary fable and the magical realism, in a remote world made of a mixture of concrete reality and irrational situations.

In this universe, the Funambulist has lost equilibrium, the Poet destroys his words, the camera of the Photographer is not charged, the Musician directs an imaginary orchestra, the Composer is struggling with the moment of improvisation, the Painter paints the same canvas indefinitely, the Dancer is motionless …

Nameless characters confronting the limits of the artistic language that characterizes them. Searching for the deep meaning of their vocation, and their place in the world, crossing decors that seem to embody the expression of their inner journey : an obsolete circus, a cave carved with strange motifs, a metaphysical desert, a dilapidated castle cut off from the world by an impenetrable forest…

To give substance to these characters and places, different expressions of contemporary creation are brought together in the film: electroacoustic musical creation, plastic artwork, poetic writing, in situ decor from the art brut, body work with the actors …

The singular artistic approaches in the screenplay, in the work of the image, the sound, the staging, give the film a hybrid dimension where the cinematographic narrative and the performative creation meet.


Depuis que le soleil a brûlé

“The motionless dancer”, photographic self-portrait by Michaël d’Auzon


Michaël D Auzon

The collected funds will be exclusively used to finance the shootings :

20.000 euros    →   we finance the 24 days of shooting at the Grillemont castle

35.000 euros    →   we finance the entire shooting of the film (40 days of shooting)

this corresponds to :

6.000 euros for sets and costumes
12.000 euros for the rental of technical means
17.000 euros for transport, accommodation and meals



Secure paymentMichaël D Auzon

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