Hervé Guinouard in Since the sun has burned


After a fall, a tightrope walker crosses the desert to rediscover his balance, when he comes across a community of artists. Living in a remote world, these inhabitants struggle to confront their own artistic limitations.

Joséphine Serre in Since the sun has burned


Since the sun has burned (Depuis que le soleil a brûlé)  is an independent feature film, currently in production, that tells the story of the artist, his inner journey and ultimately, his rebirth to the self.

Its creative process requires great artistic freedom & organic rythm of work implying alternative & solidarity financial resources.

This film has been in production since 2017. Taking our time has allowed us to maintain the integrity of this film. As an artist and choreographer, it is vital to me that we work with an organic rythm on set that also allows for artistic freedom. Through the conviction and dedication of the Artists on our crew, as well as personal and alternative funding, we have been able to start filming.

I would like to invite you to join us on this journey of discovery, and humbly ask for your support in the funding of this project.

Michaël d’Auzon, Writer and Director.

Vincent Grass in Since the sun has burned
Joséphine Serre in Since the sun has burned
Hervé Guinouard & Charlotte Ciavaldini in Since the sun has burned
Joséphine Serre in Since the sun has burned


Hervé Guinouard
The Tightrope walker

Actor, circus performer, clown dancer, and comedian performer, Hervé Guinouard is a faithful artistic accomplice of Michaël d’Auzon since their first collaboration in 2014 during a short film. Hervé is committed to providing great availability for this film’s first role, which requires several years of filming for him. He shares with the director an bodily approach to the acting work, and nourishes from the origins of the project the Tightrope wlaker character with his experience as a traveling street artist. An experience that led him from the Nanterre Workshops of his beginnings, to go around the world with companies such as Trottoirs du Hazard, Théâtre du Vertige and Compagnie Off.

The Poet

Actress, author and director, Joséphine Serre trained at the School of Studio in Asnières, at the Jacques Lecoq International Theater School, then in Free Class. She plays under the direction of Pauline Bureau, Jacques Kraemer, Vanasay Khamphommala, Volodia Serre, Lazare Herson-Macarel, Sophie Guibard, Lorène Ehrmann, Alexandre Zeff, Rachid Benzine, and turns for film and television under the direction of Alain Corneau , Michel Deville, Franco Zeffirelli, Claude Pinoteau, or Colline Serreau. In 2007, she created the company L’Instant Propice and gathered around her a group of actors for which she wrote and directed Volatiles, which received the Beaumarchais grant in 2008, Amer M., completed in December 2015 at the Chartreuse – Center National des Ecritures du Spectacle, and winner of the ARTCENA Creation Aid in plural dramaturgy, then Data, Mosul, his latest text, which was premiered at the Théâtre National de la Colline in September 2019..

The Photographer

After learning acting at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, Vincent has appeared in numerous films: “A Dam against the Pacific” where he plays alongside Isabelle Huppert, “J’accuse” by Roman Polanski, alongside Jean Dujardin, “Au Poste” by Quentin Dupieux, alongside Benoit Poelvoorde, “At Eternity’s Gate” by Julian Schnabel, alongside Willem Dafoe. He also participates in many productions for television and theater, where he works with directors Arnaud Denis, Georges Werler or Régis Santon. Finally, the timbre of his voice, recognizable, earned him the French voice of Agent Smith in Matrix, the dwarf Gimli and the tree Sylvebarbe in Lord of the Rings, Carson butler in Downton Abbey, and the King Barathéon in Game of Thrones. In 2019 he met Michael d’Auzon, and joined the team of “Since the sun has burned” to embody the photographer, an artist tormented by the ephemeral.

The Traveler

Lilly is an actress, model, filmmaker, and assistant director and production for film and television. Originally from Congo and Scotland, born in Martinique, trained at the Florent class in Paris, then with the director John Strasberg in New York.

The Angel

Renan Prévot is an actor, film student at the University of Paris III, curator in art gallery, and author of documentary films. He met the job of actor at random from a first casting, and found himself propelled in the film Pris de Court by director Emmanuelle Cuau. Followed Only Pirates of Gael Lepinle, and A knife in the heart of Yann Gonzales. At the theater he plays alongside Julie Gayet in Rabbit Hole, creation of Claudia Stavisky for the theater of Celestins.

The Dancer

Antoine Faure, called “TÔ”, is a poet, musician and performer. Theater and drums at thirteen, guitar and poetry at twenty, puppets at twenty-five, storytelling at thirty, slam at thirty-five, street art at forty, music now. Tô routed well, musicalized and poetized with a lot. With Poesie United and on most of Uppercut’s designs. Seen and recognized on the French and international Slam scene, he has walked his poetry and his music all over France, Europe, North Africa, the Americas.

The Musician

Maja Jantar is a multi-lingual Dutch polysonist living in Ghent, Belgium. She has been creating poetic sound and visual works since 1995 throughout Europe in the fields of performance, musical theater, visual arts, and publishing. Co-founder of Krikri, a collaborator of Crew theater, actor and director Ewout d’Hoore, and Belgian poet Vincent Tholomé, Maja Jantar has also directed ten operas, including Incoronatione di Poppea by Monteverdi and contemporary opera Infinito Nero de Sciarrino.

bruno billaudeau
The Composer

Composer in electroacoustic music, instrument creator, and musician performer, Bruno Billaudeau is both the composer of the film’s music, and his interpreter in the scenes. In the shooting of the castle, he will be the Composer, a character struggling with the moment of improvisation. Bruno collaborated with the art of dance for 17 years, creating for many choreographers music made in the studio. Currently, he designs and creates unique instruments, which allow him to develop sounds and their treatments live during his concerts

The Painter

French of Vietnamese origin, Charlotte lives in Tours and practices martial arts and Vipassana meditation.

The Angel of writing

Maud practiced theater and dance for about fifteen years, then the art of the live model for photography and painting. A commitment to creation with the body, and the opportunity to be the inspiration for many artists.


Started in Spain in 2017, our shooting continued this year at the Château de Grillemont in Touraine, where we have just made a significant part of the film.

The second part of this shoot in Touraine, where the outdoor scenes will be filmed, is scheduled for this winter, from November 28 to December 12, 2020.

To accomplish this, we need your support to cover the costs of transport, accommodation, food, material rentals.

By making a donation, you join the number of our Contributors*

*Contributors will appear in the credits of the film and be invited to the premiere showing of “Depuis que le soleil a brûlé”.

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